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Multigenerational Parks

Florida Department of Health in Monroe County

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County is committed  to improving the quality of life for our citizens by creating an outdoor environment in our parks that encourages a less sedentary lifestyle for all ages.  No matter what our age, we want to stay fit and agile, flexible and strong, and have some fun doing it out in the fresh air. There is a new movement to create a different kind of outdoor activity space. Whatever you call them; fitness parks, outdoor gyms or playgrounds for seniors, they are popping up in local and national parks, town recreation centers, retirement communities and senior centers around the country and the Florida Keys is joining the movement. 

A multigenerational park is one that is designed for all ages and abilities.  Multigenerational parks offer opportunities for all park users to increase physical activity with multiple activities of varying intensities.

Components of a multigenerational park:

  • Opportunities for participants to engage in the four key elements of fitness: (aerobic activity, strength (muscular) training, balance (stability), and flexibility
  • Hydration and relaxation stations
  • ADA compliant facilities
  • The Department of Health will provide the park with multigenerational park informational signs, as well as media, commission meeting presentations, and press releases to recognize the park

Visit a local Multigenerational Park today! Current Multigenerational Parks have been designated by the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County at the following locations:

  1. Key Largo Community Park (Key Largo)
  2. Founder’s Park (Islamorada)
  3. Marathon Community Park (Marathon)
  4. Clarence S. Higgs Memorial Beach Park (Key West)
  5. Nelson English Park (Key West)
  6. Truman Waterfront Park (Key West)
Founders Park is designated a Multigenerational Park during a Village of Islamorada Council Meeting.  Pictured are Village Councilmembers and Florida Department of Health in Monroe County's Healthiest Weight Coordinator, Emily Mutschler.

On April 4, 2017, the City of Key West passed a resolution supporting the development of city policies and regulations for the construction and redevelopment of Multigenerational Parks.  The multigenerational park initiative, spearheaded by the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County as part of a grant the department received in the Spring of 2016, advocates for policy change to address this issue and to increase the number of multigenerational parks in the lower keys.  Multigenerational parks provide the needed tools, equipment, and features at parks that would benefit those of all ages.

For more information, contact Alison Kerr at (305) 676-3820 or email: