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Online Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programs Incentivized

 Oct 27 - Dec 31, 2020

The Monroe County Coalition is now offering free online evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention programs for Monroe County High School students.  Students can earn up to $90 in Amazon Gift Cards.


Parental/Guardian consent required.  Contact to sign up.  Parents must confirm.  For All Stars Prevention Course, contact:  Katie Raskob at


The following incentivized programs are now offered: 



(2.5 hrs, $25) - Know Your Influences. The media and other external inf luences play a large role in shaping our perceptions. Through a thoughtful analysis, students learn to recognize and challenge these influences.



(30-45 mins, $10) - Science of Addiction. Effective prevention education begins with the facts. Knowing how addiction affects the brainc and body can be important for recovery, but more importantly, it can be information that helps students avoid addiction altogether.



(1 hr, $10) -  Decision-making about choosing not to drink. Develop strategies for standing up to peer pressure to drink and challenge peer drinking perceptions.



(1 hr, $10) - Reduce high- risk behavior. Recognize negative heal th effects of use on respiratory system and brain function and development. Effects marijuana can have on a user ’s life both short and long term.



(1 hr, $10) - Addresses the use of nicotine in its many forms, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and hookah, but places an extra emphasis on vaping.



(2.5 hr, $25) - Facts and information regarding the effect of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on the brain and body. Recognize and identi fy natural rewards that stimulate the brain reward system. Recognize that consequences of drug use are just as likely to happen to them as they are to someone else. Identify ways to decline and avoid alcohol, tobacco, andother drugs.  For this course, please contact:  Katie Raskob at


For more information, contact Susan Moore (305) 849-5292.

Sponsored by the Monroe County Coalition, Thriving Minds South FL, the State of FL Department of Children and Families, and SAMHSA.  In collaboration with the Guidance Care Center and the Florida Keys Children's Shelter.

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