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Florida Keys Swimming Lessons and Drowning Prevention Campaign

Florida Department of Health in Monroe County

  •  (305) 293-7500


    (305) 809-5629

    Mailing Address

    1100 Simonton Street 

    Key West, FL 


Drowning Prevention Campaign image shows "Keep your Eyes on the Kids, Drowning can happen in an instant.  For more information, visit" Partners including Monroe County Fire Rescure, Keys Health Ready Coalition, and Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition.
Drowning Prevention Campaign, "Keep your eyes on the kids."

For most of the year, Keys residents experience some of the best weather in our nation.  This means that more people here are getting into the water.  Swimming pools and the ocean are great ways to cool off.  Although playing, relaxing, and exercising in the water are enjoyable, water-related injuries and illnesses can happen year-round. 

Did you know, every year the State of Florida takes the number one spot for drowning deaths in the nation for children under the age of five?  Waterproof Florida, a Florida Department of Health injury prevention initiative, encourages layers of protection that include supervision, barriers and emergency preparedness. You can learn about the layers on the WaterproofFL website.

In Monroe County, swim lessons are offered by the following groups:

Florida Keys Community College, Key West

  • (305) 809-3562

Founders Park, Islamorada

  • (305) 393-2513

Jacobs Aquatic Center, Key Largo

  • (305) 453-SWIM 

Pattican Academy, Upper Keys

  • (954) 260-2151

Kristine Ingold, Red Cross Certified, Upper Keys

  • 305-731-3594


Keys to Swim ISR Courses Coming Soon

Swim Survival Courses coming May 2019.   Visit Keys2Swim for more information. 


Monroe County Drowning Prevention Workgroup

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County has partnered with various agencies to address drowning, including the Keys Health Ready Coaltion, Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition, Monroe County Fire Rescue, and the City of Marathon. These agencies have formed a drowning prevention workgroup and are working to address drowning rates in our community.

As part of the Drowning Prevention Workgroup’s efforts, signage is available for public swimming areas to remind parents to “Keep Your Eyes on the Kids”.  Signs are currently posted at major swim areas throughout the county. 

If you would like a sign for your public pool or swim area in Monroe County, or if you would like more information about the workgroup, please contact Emily Mutschler at 305-676-3864 or email



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